Snow Clothing

Snow Clothing


The Picture’s story

Hi there! Let me introduce ourselves. We are Julien, Jeremy and Vincent, lifelong friends and founders of Picture, and here’s our story…


We grew up together, sharing a passion for skateboarding and snowboarding. From the streets of our neighborhood Clermont-Ferrand to the Alps, there was always a good excuse to get together for a session.


Back then, Jeremy was working as an architect for the family business. His path was perfectly paved, but he was dreaming of nourishing higher values for sustainability, values he had already introduced in his personal lifestyle.
Vincent was just out of management school and ready for a real professional challenge.
As for myself, I was working in marketing at Coca Cola, in Paris. Far away from the mountains, far away from any kite spot…

See, we were all dreaming of something more, something to fulfill our passion, something that would reflect who we are.
The skateboard and snowboard culture always had a major influence on us. We drew our sense of identity from the counterculture watching riders and films that have inspired us way beyond the rad clothing style derived.

Then one day, the question came up: Why don’t we start a brand? It made sense. We were all hitting a milestone, begging for newness. And the challenge was crazy, but we wanted to beat the odds!

We were precisely on the same page with one criterion: 100% committed responsibility and sustainability-driven eco-design. The fact that we had to learn everything didn’t kill our motivation: business start-up, fabrics, manufacturing, etc. Bring it on!

Just a few weeks later we were setting up our first headquarter in the backroom of an automobile technical control center! Well, it had to start somewhere


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