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Slice RTM Ultra Light Hexcore Performance centre fins are resin moulded for exact tolerances, based on a classic centre fin templates for use in the widest variety of conditions.
These Nylon Composite centre fins are based upon the "dolphin" fin shape. They are a great all round fin.
Stainless steel bolts for securing longboard fins- which are handy to have a spare or 2! Sold in packs of 1.
FUTURES - Compatible
2 Side fins
The Northcore Eurofin C-Model FCS fin set is a signature model made in South Africa and is composed of three fins ideal for surfers in the medium range weight, usually at 145 lbs to 195 lbs (65 to 88 kg).
The Polycarb Euro fins are a value fin line and are great quality for the price. The template is a medium (5) size, there's a good amount of flex in the tip and they are a solid construction.
Showingof 7 item(s)