GNU Asym Ladies Choice C2X

GNU Asym Ladies Choice C2X

GNU Asym Ladies Choice C2X

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Over GNU Asym Ladies Choice C2X


The Ladies Choice is a reflection of her positive self, supporting all efforts she makes to push the progression of snowboarding. Whether it be podium-topping, jaw-dropping maneuvers in the park, heart opening resort ripping or taking on new frontiers in the backcountry, Jamie’s award winning C2 dream board will always be there for you. Hand-built in the USA at the World’s Most Environmental Board Factory, the Ladies Choice is produced with quality craftsmanship and a conscience in line with Jamie’s unreal Eco-ethos at Mervin MFG. Zero Hazardous Waste.

Riding style
For Ladies of all abilities who want a confidence inspiring freestyle board that allows them to perform at the highest level.

The Ladies Choice is built with Banana Technology C2, a hybrid contour that rips everything with perfection delivering control, precision and float. It features rocker between the bindings and camber outside of your feet. The rocker brings to life the middle of your board, adding float, improving carving and power and delivering a perfect edge hold. The cambers out to tip and tail fine tune the pressure map, add pop and tail stability, precision and control.

The human body is asymmetric. Turn mechanics on a tow and heel side turn are completely different. Gnu builds in asymmetric balancing concepts to each side of your snowboard harmonizing with nature and creating a more efficient, less tiring, unreal ride. The Ladies Choice is built with Level 2 Asym: asymmetric wood core, which means softer flexing on the heelside, asymmetric sidecut, which means deeper sidecut on the heelside, and asymmetric contact angles and length, for a shorter heelside contact.
This board also features Magne-Traction® Serrated Edges, that deliver unreal edge hold and turn ice into powder. The serrated Steak Knife Technology consists of 7 strategically located and sized edge serrations that provide unreal edge hold and control in all conditions: entry serration, mild serration and deepest serrations between the feet.

The medium flex of the Ladies Choice is perfect for all aspects of freestyle riding, supportive and responsive enough for taking big kickers and forgiving and flexible enough for jibbing around.

On Mt Weird, GNU continually tests new nature and science applications to improve their board design. Eco-unreal construction incorporates these successful applications, to create snowboards which are environmentally minded, stronger, lighter and longer lasting. The Ladies Choice is built with Asym Unreal G3 Construction. The Core is made with Aspen, Columbian Gold and Asym Paulownia alloy which is balanced lighter, sustainable, FCS certified, strong & poppy. The Tri-ax/Bi-Ax/Silky Smooth Bio Fibre Dampening Fibreglass is smooth, durable, light and poppy. The Top sheet of the Ladies Choice is made from Eco Sublimated Bio Beans - smooth and environmentally friendly! The Sintered Knife Cut Base is tough, fast and holds wax well, while the Recycled UHMW Sidewalls are environmentally friendly.


  • PROFILE: C2e
  • Magne-Traction®
  • Level 2 Asymmetry
  • CORE: Aspen/Columbian Gold/Asym Paulownia Alloy
  • GLASS: Tri-ax/Bi-ax/Silky Smooth Bio Fiber Dampener
  • Eco Sublimated Bio Beans
  • BASE: Sintered Knife Cut
  • UHMW Sidewalls
  • Made in the USA

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