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Gnu and Airblaster have always felt like kindred creative wild spirits from neighboring villages.
The Bataleon Stuntwood Snowboard is a scaled-down Evil Twin that reeks of teenage terror.
The Bataleon The Surfer Snowboard is built for white rooms and dawn patrols, with a super setback stance, a crazy deep swallowtail, and Bataleon's Pow 3BT technology, which shapes the oversized nose with side to side convexity like the prow of a ship.
This directional twin has a stout flex and tons of carbon to give it that lightweight springy feel on the hardpack. It lives for side hits, tree runs, and all around excellence.
Pow or not, it's always a party on the Bataleon Party Wave Snowboard.
The latest addition to the Twin category is the Party Wave Twin. Bataleon has taken the successful formula of shorter and wider and applied it to a twin outline shape.
The 2023 Bataleon Evil Twin + is the newest rendition of Bataleon's most popular snowboard, knocked up a notch to the next level.
The 2022 Bataleon Disaster + takes everything that makes the Bataleon Disaster one of the most searched for park boards year after year and upgrades just about every material within it to make one of the most high end jib boards on the market.
The 2023 Bataleon Disaster snowboard is the only board that will live up to its name if you don't actually buy it.
If your preferred riding conditions are "frozen water" and your riding style is "turn, go straight, turn again," we think you might really get along well with the Bataleon Whatever Snowboard.
The Bataleon Storm Snowboard is your multi-trick pony - it does a lot of things very well and is loved by women riders everywhere.
The Bataleon Wallie Snowboard isn't for everyone, but if your post-session recaps include more descriptors like "clank" and "whap" than "swoop" and "whoosh," it could be for you.
Bataleon Love Powder 2022 Snowboard
The new Youth Flagship is a high performance freeride board for youth and small adults who want to confidently explore advanced terrain.

Unlike most dual tip youth boards, the Youth Flagship features a proven directional shape that delivers legit freer
A special project between skate homies from Vermont. Forest grew up a talented skateboarder in Vermont and inevitably ran into the Mull brothers doing their Worble skate thing. Bailey brought his skateboarding to the snow and became one of the world’s bes
Floaty and maneuverable with confident edge hold and responsive snap out of turns, we've created a perfect hybrid of these two boards that has constantly grown in popularity.
It has the shorter/wider surface-planing of the 420 and employs the Tapered UnderBite outline originally unveiled on the PYL.
The small zero camber sections provide a more controlled ride while retaining the response and power of a cambered board.
If you plan on crushing pow in the morning followed by park laps in the afternoon, the CAPiTA Outerspace Living Snowboard should be your vehicle of choice.
Its mellow flex and Triple Base Technology™ deliver a forgiving ride that will help you venture from the park to the powder.
This sick limited edition is just in stock, be quick because this is very rare!
Showingof 93 item(s)