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A higher performance Skimboard for enthusiast users. This board is made from epoxy fiberglass with an EPS foam core and bamboo wood reinforcements. This allows for more manoeuvring and performance.
Tracktion bar pad for skimboards.
Self-adhesive footpad made of EVA foam.
Box contents: one pad.
The skimboard Skim One Wood 41'' Mediterranee is perfect for adult.
Made with 7 layers of laminated wood.
The skimboard Skim1 The Carver Wood 35 '' is perfect for children or teenagers.

Made with 7 layers of laminated wood, the deck is covered with an EVA non-slip foam.
Epoxy fever glass skimboard with EPS foam core and reinforcements made of bamboo..
Modern design identical to the construction of an epoxy surfboard: a super-light EPS foam core is enclosed in an epoxy laminate. The result: an extremely lightweight skimb
Showingof 9 item(s)