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The speedy Priscilla invites all the kids out there for a fast cruise through town and country.
Did you know that figs not only taste great, but also look great as graphics? The exotic looking leaves and fruits of the fig tree now adorn the BTFL model Yuva.
Premium Palisander Wood Top & Bottom Finish Ply

Mellow concave and a wide standing platform make this cruiser comfortable, fun, and functional
This Polly III longboard is a comfortable all round cruiser.

With drop through trucks that provides a lower center of gravity and large 70mm wheels and fairly soft wheel hardness of 78A you will get a comfortable ride on this longboard. This is undersc
Updated, modern medium sized drop down shape with wheel wells, new 160mm Bullet RKP trucks and 66mm Santa Cruz branded Slime Balls wheels.
Take your riding to the next level with this professionaly built high quality Bustin Mission 40 Sakura Complete Longboard Skateboard -8.97x39.85
Continuing the legacy of Loaded dancers, the Mata Hari embraces a progressive and rapidly evolving new era of longboard dancing and freestyle.
Thanks to the doubledrop-construction Keanu is kind of a lowrider which makes the board very comfortable to ride - pushing and breaking is easy on your knees.
Santa Cruz Skateboards Split Hand Dropdown Longboard Cruzer with updated, modern medium sized drop down shape with routed wheel wells, new 160mm Bullet reverse kingpin downhill trucks and 66mm Santa Cruz branded Slime Balls wheels.
Especially for beginners this is the ideal height! No matter if on long distances or the way to the bakery, Malou is your ideal companion.
The shape of the deck and the 75mm wheels make the board especially comfortable for long distances.
Showingof 16 item(s)