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For more than 18 years, Bataleon has led the industry in 3D shape technology. We’ve perfected our patented Triple Base Technology™, producing boards with traditional camber and lifted contact points, making snowboarding more enjoyable for all.

The Shape

All our boards feature positive camber from tip to tail, combined with lifted contact points at the widest areas. This reduces the chance of edge catches while keeping the board feeling super lively. Through years of research, tinkering, and testing we have fine-tuned the way 3BT™ works alongside both the camber and the sidecut radii.



Flat Base Riding

The widest section of the board is lifted off the snow while riding flat based. This allows you to ride straight without hooking up or needing to keep your edges engaged.



Turn Initiation

When set on a slight angle, the sidebase starts to engage near the bindings. Unlike traditional flat boards, pressure remains constant along the contact edge.



On Edge

While on edge, the 3D shaped sidecut forms a complete arc with the snow, offering unparalleled grip and turning power.

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A legit riding sweater. The Snowproof Hoodie deploys a windproof super stretch liner to provide some useful shelter from the snow and wind.
The Snowproof Hoodie deploys a windproof super stretch liner to provide some useful shelter from the elements and double zipper closures to stop the kangaroo pockets from filling with snow.
Designed to be worn on the hill whenever the snow isn’t coming in sideways, the new Delta Hoodie has the same windproof super stretch liner as our popular Snowproof design
Fabrics to keep you warm in the harshest of storms
Hoodie is quality material as well the laces in the hood.
Made from stretchy and lightweight nylon, with zero cardboard – so it’s washable and mountain friendly.
Lightweight warmth in a soft acrylic fabric. Features durable rib construction and a cuffed brim for a snug, comfortable fit.
The skate-inspired tips feature a steeper kick, so you can smash them over obstacles, press through gnarlier kinks and jam the board up walls and poles
Building on the legendary Camel Toe, the Camel 2 is the ultimate directional freeride board.
Angle your highback parallel to the heelside edge for the most efficient power transfer.
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