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    26 ml Shoe Goo II Skate shoe Repair 2023


    Shoe goo is a very high quality shoe repair adhesive. Ideal for repairing your skate shoes so that you can skate for longer before they completely break down. By using shoe goo on the upper side of your skate shoes on time, you can prevent wear and tear. Here at Stoked we skate ourselves and shoe goo is one of our most sold products. We know how quickly skateboards eat away at your shoes and we know that a good pair of skate shoes isn't cheap. So make them last a little longer with this Shoegoo shoe repair adhesive.


    • Adheres, protects and rebuilds for a permanent repair
    • Excellent bonding and sealing
    • Perfect for patching small holes and waterproofing
    • Adhesion remains secure even when exposed to water & Creates extra grip
    • You can even use it to fix skateboard chips.

    How to use Shoe Goe:

    1. Check which area you want to repair on the shoe and clean it.
      Make sure that grip tape, sand and dirt is removed before you start repairing the shoe.

    2. Push some Shoe Goe directly from the tube onto the area which you want to repair or protect. Use gloves.
    3. Take a cotton swab or clean stick and spread it evenly over the surface. Make sure all the holes are filled up and smooth it out like chocolate on a cake. ( Tip: Never eat shoegoo ;) )
    4. Take a hairdryer and heat the area for 5 minutes so that the shoe goo can harden nicely.
    5. Allow everything to dry for 24 to 48 hours for optimal results.
    6. Go skate and enjoy your shoes even longer, you're welcome.


    Shoe Goo Faq:

    • How long does it take for SHOE GOO to set in?

    A full cure lasts 24 to 72 hours, depending on the environment. At lower temperatures and higher humidity, curing time increases; at higher temperatures, curing time decreases. To speed up the drying time, apply heat with a hand dryer to the layer. Keep the dryer at least 15 cm from the surface.

    • How can SHOE GOO be cleaned?

    Small amounts of acetone or citrus-based solvents can be used on uncured adhesive; the adhesive will bulge and brush off. Cured adhesive can be removed by cutting or scraping.

    • Is SHOE GOO water-resistant?

    Yes. It is water repellent immediately after application. Apply SHOE GOO directly to the surface to be sealed. Use thin layers of SHOE GOO to build a thick layer on the surface to be sealed, allowing each layer to cure for 3 to 4 hours. SHOE GOO cures by solvent evaporation, so allow time for thorough curing to ensure proper adhesion and wear resistance.

    • What temperature range is SHOE GOO resistant to?

    Once cured, SHOE GOO is resistant to temperatures between -40°C and 66°C.

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