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– For gentle removal of grease, oil, resin and wax from hands, coatings and clothing
– Optimal dosability
– Prevents icing of the raised zone
– Fast and easy application
– Environmentally-friendly air spray
– For fast and easy horizontal and vertical applications.
– Ideal for edge and base tuning.
– Two side edge work position: standard 90°
and easy at 60°
– Can be installed on a service table (e.g. 20725)
– Suitable for all tables with a tabletop thickness of up to 50 mm
– Suitable for all waxing irons with a width of up to 110 mm
– Heat resistant up to 230 °C
World Cup proven professional device for sharpening 
plastic scrapers.

Optimum steel brush for cleaning the surface prior to and during waxing with hot waxes
Special cork with felt to finish and polish wax and speed products.
Pocket device with oxide stone to remove rigidification and burrs on snowboard edges.
Showingof 15 item(s)