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    Enduro Rechargeable Battery Hero 11, Hero10 & Hero9 Black

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    Enduro features revolutionary technology that dramatically improves your HERO11, HERO10 or HERO9 Black’s performance in cold temperatures for snow sports + other winter activities while extending recording times up to 40% in moderate temperatures.¹... Toon meer
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    Boost your HERO11, HERO10 or HERO9’s performance

    Product Details

    • Advanced 1720mAh lithium-ion battery boosts camera performance over standard GoPro batteries across a wide temperature range.
    • Increases recording time in both HERO10 Black + HERO9 Black with up to 40% improvement in HERO10 Black using high-performance settings.¹
    • Dramatically improves cold-weather performance in temperatures down to 14°F (-10°C)²
    • Up to 13% faster charging rate than standard GoPro batteries

    Next Level Battery

    Freezing temps? No problem. Longer runtimes? You bet. Enduro lasts longer + charges faster than our standard battery, so you can shoot more no matter what the elements throw at you.

    Improved Cold-Temp Performance

    Enduro powers your GoPro through the extreme cold so when the temps drop, you can now keep shooting. Here are some average stats for different shooting modes at a battery temperature of 14°F / -10°C. Note, this is the battery’s temperature—it can be even colder outside.

    14°F / -10°C
    • 5.3K60: 56 minutes
    • 4K120: 50 minutes
    • 4K60: 76 minutes
    • 1080p30: 115 minutes

    Increased Record Times for HERO10 + HERO9

    Enduro is better than our standard batteries in moderate temperatures, too. Check out these averages stats + improvements during typical outdoor activities at 77°F / 25°C.

    77°F / 25°C Improvements
    • 5.3K60 video: 60 minutes (28% improvement)
    • 4K120 video: 51 minutes (40% improvement)
    • 4K60 video: 71 minutes (13% improvement)
    • 1080p30 video: 120 minutes

    Faster Charging

    Enduro gets you back out there faster, too. It reduces the time needed to get to a full charge by up to 13% over standard GoPro batteries.

    Warning: Don’t use the battery if it’s been damaged. Follow all warnings and instructions in the camera user manual.


    ¹Result based on testing with HERO10 Black recording 4K120 video at a temperature of 77°F (25°C).

    ²Enduro powers HyperSmooth 3.0 video stabilization in HERO9 Black down to 24.8°F (-4°C).

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