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    Minishred Kids Snowboard

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    Forget starting the kiddo out on skis, get em going on the Bataleon Minishred Snowboard.... Toon meer
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    Don't let your kids ride flat.

    Some people say you should stick your kids on skis for the first few years; those people haven’t tried Triple Base. The Minishred’s raised edges make it a breeze for the smallest of shredders to start turning. It’s a true twin which helps them figure out their stance and even try a little switch, and it’s built to the same high standards as our adult boards so you know it’ll last the distance. We’ve finished it off with a graphic that’s guaranteed to get any grom stoked to ride. Monkey see, monkey do.



    Outline Shape


    Twin Outline


    3D Shape


    Twin 3BT™ + Sidekick™


    Sidebase Uplift

    low Uplift

    Low Uplift

    Camber Profile


    Low Camber




    Our traditional and time tested two-way weave of fiberglass is light, strong and responsive; keeping the board snappy without adding torsional stiffness.


    Full poplar with beech hardwood laid tip to tail along the inserts strengthening the board’s backbone, reinforcing the inserts and producing more pop.

    Base Tech

    Not a basic extruded base. It has the highest molecular content available for an extruded base. That means it’s super slick, durable and maintenance-free.

    Base Tech

    Producing two or more base color options minimizes p-tex waste. That is why you will find flip flop base options on most of our die-cut bases. This means orders can be filled with either color option which makes environmental sense.

    Shock Walls

    This is our Urethane infused sidewall technology. ShockWalls smooth out your ride and are more resistant to impact.


    Triple Base Technology™ is awesome. The lifted sidebase areas at the widest points of the board make a lot of sense. The boards turn smoother and faster and it helps when you are not completely clean on your landings.

    SideKick™ dramatically increases the sidebase uplift at the widest points of the nose and tail. This makes turn initiation even smoother, increases float in powder and handling of the board in rough terrain.

    Minishred Specs

    Length (cm)95105115120
    Contact Length63,1 cm72,1 cm81,1 cm85,6 cm
    Effective Edge63,1 cm72,1 cm81,1 cm85,6 cm
    Waist Width20,2 cm21,2 cm22,2 cm22,7 cm
    Tip/Tail Width22.4/22.4 cm23.7/23.7 cm25.1/25.1 cm25.7/25.7 cm
    Sidecut Radius4,2 m4,8 m5,4 m5,7 m
    Setback (cm)0 cm0 cm0 cm0 cm
    Min-Max Stance33-41 cm35-43 cm37-45 cm38-46 cm
    Float Rating (0-100)27323840
    Weight recommendation17-27 kg / 37-59 lbs22-32 kg / 48-70 lbs27-42 kg / 59-92 lbs29-44 kg / 64-97 lbs
    Shoe size (EU)20 - 2820 - 2825 - 3325 - 33

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