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    Women's Equinox Terracota 2024 Snowboard Binding


    The friendly all-mountain binding

    Ideal for all-terrain cruising, freestyle and surf slashing

    The Women's Equinox binding is made for the all-mountain rider that wants a stable and comfortable binding with a tweak-able medium soft flex. The Equinox delivers precision response thanks to SKATETECH technology that transfers energy directly to your edges and a Dynamic Flex highback that's stiff in the center for solid support and softer on the sides for friendly maneuverability.

    Included Bushings: Soft - All Mountain / Surf Mode

    Key Benefits

    • Med-Soft flex for friendly maneuverability
    • SKATE TECH for ultimate energy transfer
    • Dynamic Flex highback for tweak-able control
    • Bombproof triple ratchet asym buckles
    • Dynamic and comfortable Power ankle straps + 3D Flex Fit 2.0 toe straps
    • Swap bushings + straps to customize response - Surf vs. Freeride mode

    Skate Tech

    The NOW Skate Tech system works like a skateboard truck and enhances board control + reduces foot fatigue by transferring energy input directly from the binding to the board edges through a dynamic design.

    1. Hanger 2.0 and 3.0

    Hanger pivots on the Kingpin like a lever allowing lightning fast edge-to-edge energy transfer. True baseless design that delivers the most even board flex of any binding on the market.

    2. Kingpin

    The Kingpin is the fulcrum that the Hanger pivots on. Design magnifies energy transfer and enhances board response through leverage.

    3. Post

    The Post attaches the hanger to the kingpin and is the connection between binding and board.

    4. Bushings

    Bushings are the primary binding contact point and offer customizable response and dampening (Surf Mode and Freeride Mode).


    Unmatched turn power

    Power is transmitted directly to the edge.
    When you make a hard heel or toe turn the force you place on your straps and highback is transferred directly to your edge through the hanger, kingpin and post. By using the mechanical advantage of this pivot and lever system SkateTech binding are the most responsive bindings in the world. Once on edge, you are locked in.


    No comparison to traditional bindings

    Power is transmitted through the center disk.
    When you make a hard heel or toe turn on traditional bindings the pressure you place on your straps goes into the fixed center disk and forces the binding baseplate to bend before power is delivered to the edges. Energy is concentrated at the center of the board with traditional rigid baseplates which decreases potential turn power compared to SkateTech bindings.

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